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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Day of the Wolf

The Day of the Wolf
By David Alan Lucas

It is the day of the wolf!
At my door.
Am I hero or coward?
Another scotch burning
Down my throat.

Pouring rage, the door explodes.
Howling amidst the ruins,
The wolf glares.
The day has come upon me!
The question to be answered:
Duty or fear?

Curling its lip, scent of fear
Drawing the wolf near me.
Battle joined
I feel the valor within.
Fear evaporated;
Courage remains.

In the mirror the wolf locks
His eyes holding mine, joined
We are one.
Into the world I step forth
In sheep clothing I hunt
Dealers of death.

Harvesters of death, sheep enveloped
Blind, lead to self-slaughter,
Sheep know not.
The wolf prowls silently among
Bidding time, patience to pounce,
Death my prey.

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