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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Change Up on Coffee With David

Finally after Hurricane May and June at my bill paying job, I can finally get this blog back on track.  However, this month is going to be a little bit different. If you have been following me posts, you know that I conduct book giveaways on my own blog Coffee With David ( and The Writers' Lens ( Surprisingly, even though people comment, they don't always claim their prize. Because of this, I will be posting the book giveaways and any interviews where this occurred over on the other site. 

Beginning July 7, each week you will have a chance to win a book if you comment. 

Also, I know I promised last month to delve into the various kinds of training that a trained fighter could master and what those disciplines entailed. However, one of your fellow readers posted a question and I am going to tackle that answer in this month's "Writing the Fight Scene." It will endeavor to answer the question, "Can a Woman Take on a Man in a Fight and Win?" I must warn my readers that:
  1. It will be lengthy;
  2. It will be violent;
  3. It will be answered frankly and honestly as this Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) in Chinese (or Tracy's or Original) Kenpo sees it based on both personal experience and those he has had the honor of calling sisters in the brotherhood of black belts; and
  4. If you harbor a false male ego that men are superior fighters because they are physically stronger, your ego will be shattered like a porcelain doll---a very girly porcelain doll.
Oh...and I will share quite a bit of the how-to-do its.

Won't you join me?

A final note to all my readers--those that comment and those that just read silently-- from around the world, I would like to thank you and ask that you do post questions. The blog is as much my readers' as it is mine. Feel free to ask questions and I will be happy to either answer the comment with a response or an entire blog.

Thank you for reading and please visit and You can also follow me on twitter @Owlkenpowriter and the Writer’s Lens @TheWritersLens. Fiction is the world where the philosopher is the most free in our society to explore the human condition as he chooses.

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