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Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Apology: May is Always the Month of Juggling Hell

This blog has been silent the last two weeks. While I juggle a lot in my life: a full time bill paying job, caring for an elderly parent, writing, studying martial arts and my role as an officer in the St. Louis Writers Guild, May is the month when things have always gone boom. That is because it is one of the highest pressure and busiest times at the bill pay job and it is membership renewal for the St. Louis Writers Guild (which falls to me as the VP of Membership). But, let me take a step back.

I use to be able to say that I had two full time jobs and two part time jobs--only one of which actually pays me anything. But, a year ago tomorrow life took a drastic turn. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my mother's health going downhill like an out of control speed skier who hit a mogul wrong at sixty miles per hour. In short--she had a severe hypoglycemic moment that led to two fractures in a leg (which went undetected by a certain hospital in St. Louis, but I won't mention them here--nor would I ever take anyone there), infections that eventually (because of antibiotics) led to C-Diff, compression fractures on her spine, having to relearn to walk. She has made remarkable progress having gone from 10 baby steps in August and being wheelchair bound to being able to walk everywhere (with a walker) and starting to drive again. I am the only child, so everything fell on to me.

Once she was discharged to home, I was living on sleep deprivation as I had to tend to every need. It was like having a 160 pound baby. Before anyone asks--no, insurance nor Medicare pays for custodial care. It fell to me--all of it. I did have to hire someone to care for her during the day while I was at work, but I was pretty much a prisoner at home. Unfortunately, home is the worst writing environment for me.  Further, she has no appreciation for writing. She actually doesn't read, except the newspaper, and considers writing to be frivolous.

During this time, my bill pay job became (and still is) overwhelmingly demanding. I can't go into things here. I will say I am surprised I didn't have a heart attack while I have been under constant stress for over two years--and was having to pull off the high stress job while sitting in the hospital rooms while she was recovering. Thus my two full time jobs became three and one of those was really at least two jobs in itself. (More like 6, but who's counting?)

So, this May, while I am now able to get back to a semi-normal life because she has improved so much, I was not prepared for the how this month would go and how much of my time would be drained away. On top of everything, I have been working on a new novel and was researching it.  In short, my Coffee with David blog had to take a back seat in the bus.  I am hoping June will be a better month. Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of the book Katana and posting a new contest.

I will see you all here tomorrow for a new month on Coffee with David.

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