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Sunday, April 1, 2012

First of the Month Book Giveaway: New New Media

Our world has changed and information is passed among people like a runaway fire. We have seen it. Newspapers struggle to adjust and the "television networks" have found that they must be a part of the social media world or fall into extinction. The social media is not just for the news, people keep up to date on events, friends, family and almost anyone they want. Writers, actors, artist, and others have turned to the social media to attract people to their work.

This month, Coffee with David is giving away New New Media. In New New Meida, author and Professor of Communication & Media Studies at Fordham University Paul Levinson will take you on a tour of : YouTube, blogging, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Second Life and other “new new media” are transforming just about every aspect of our culture from the way we elect Presidents to how we watch television. New New Media details the benefits, opportunities, and dangers of these transformations.

On April 7th, I will post a Coffee with David interview with Paul.

If you are in St. Louis, I will be part of a panel (or the entire panel) of a workshop on blogging, given by the St. Louis Writers Guild on May 5th. I will be discussing this book as a part of my presentation. Watch, Saint Louis Writers Guild on Facebook, and on twitter @STLwritersguild. Announcements will appear later in April.

How do you win a free signed copy of this book?  To enter the contest, simply leave a comment or question on the Coffee with David blog between now (April 1st) and midnight April 30, 2012. Please include your email so I can reach you if you win. The more comments you leave, the greater your chance of winning the contest. If you refer others to Coffee with David who mention your name in their comments, I'll enter your name again in our random number generator along with theirs, also increasing your chances at winning! The winner will be chosen after midnight on Monday April 30, and the announcement made on Sunday, April 1st, when I will post the next contest. Good luck and comment often.

Next week, I will bring the next segment in the series "Writing the Fight Scene" blogs. Emails I have received asking questions have led to future blog posts.  So, keep the comments or emails coming and I will answer you by email and/or make the question and answer a blog entry in this series.

Thank you for reading and please visit and You can also follow me on twitter @Owlkenpowriter and the Writer’s Lens @TheWritersLens. Fiction is the world where the philosopher is the most free in our society to explore the human condition as he chooses.


  1. Hey Paul!!
    Hopin you are doing as well as I feel I am!!
    Enter me in the contest - I'd LOVE to read another of your stories.
    Reggie Baker

  2. As a new writer publishing through a small press that only has web presence, I'm finding the world of New, New Media is critical. The problem is that it's hard to enter this world when it's one you've never cared to explore. Now, as a writer of paperback and e-books only available through the web, it's been critical to dive in head first. I'll be looking forward to the April 7th interview with Paul. name is Barbara Weitz. Please enter me into the contest. Thank you.

  3. I ammazed at the incredible rise of social media for such a variety of purposes and its popularity. Who heard of Pinterest just a few months ago? I'm anxiously awaiting the next development--what do we call it web 4.0?? I can't imagine what the next generation of development will be like?

  4. Maybe it will be a blend of what we have already. Maybe instead of a web, we will have a mesh. Instead of separate social media forums (like Facebook, Secondlife, and so on) it will be a blended VR version. Or maybe, it will be even something we haven't imagined before. Could we have a vr version of ourselves constantly active while we go about the real world? We are still close to the birth point of social media. The future is exciting, but also scary as more and more of our personal (private) life becomes available in the cyber world.