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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Re-launching Coffee with David, but Why Coffee with David?

Why am I re-launching my blog "Coffee with David" here? My last blog site, which I used for years, has suddenly been swamped with spammers. The process to update the anti-spam on it was less than user friendly, so I hope and pray those who were legitimately following me on my old blog will find me here. I will restart my "Writing the Fight Scene" series here and move various posts that I want to keep as I add to new blogs as well.

Why “Coffee with David?” There are two reasons. First, I am a heavy coffee drinker. I am not as bad as I once was. I only drink around 5 to 10 cups a day, compared to where I was drinking it by an equal number of pots when I was younger. Yes, I was drinking up to 10 pots a day. I am so notorious about drinking coffee, and enjoying the taste of certain kinds, that the employees at one coffee house I frequent have nicked named me “Mocha Dave.”

Secondly, when friends go out for coffee it is a chance to relax and about life. So with this in mind, I created this blog to be a chance to relax and share my life with people who read my short stories, novels, or friends and family. My goal is to write in this blog on a weekly basis—depending on my bill-paying job schedule, my writing schedule and other things that go on in my life.

This blog will follow some standard patterns:

The first of the month, I will post a contest to win a free book and announce the winner of any previous contest.

The first Saturday of the month (if it is the first of the month, then it will be that Sunday), I will post an interview with a writer. It may or may not be the author of the book I am giving away.

The second Saturday of the month will be a post on writing.

The third Saturday of the month will be a "Musing" (observation of the world or a behind the scene glimpse of my life as a writer.)

The fourth Saturday of the month will be a discussion or update on my writing projects.

The fifth Saturday (on those months that have them), I will post a blog about a topic I am researching or a book I am reading.

Thank you for reading and please visit and Fiction is the world where the philosopher is the most free in our society to explore the human condition as he chooses.


  1. Hi, David--Glad to see you were able to address the spam problem! What an ambitious blogging sked...I'm impressed!

  2. Mocha Dave, I'm impressed and wish you the very best at keeping this up. And I do need your fight scenes. So I"m glad I have a second chance at getting them. I love coffee too but I'm more of a social coffee drinker...two cups and I'm done. A pot would kill me.